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Rental Terms and Conditions

Wynd warrants their products with a Limited Product Warranty to the original purchaser or renter for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase, excludes KN-95 Masks, Medical Grade Air Filters, and Max Purifier Filters.  With this Limited Product Warranty Wynd warrants that their products will be free of material defects in workmanship under normal product use.  A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) must be authorized by a Wynd employee to have a Wynd Essential returned and the Rental Agreement cancelled. All products returned by an RMA are subject to a thorough inspection of the Wynd Essential.  During this inspection, if a product is found to have a defect, Wynd will, at its own discretion, select and provide you with one of the following options: (1) Wynd will repair the device at no charge to you, using new parts of parts of equal quality and reliability, (2) Wynd will exchange the device with a new or certified refurbished unit, or (3) Wynd will provide you with a refund of the original purchase price of the defective device.  If a Return Merchandise Authorization is authorized, Wynd will cover all shipping costs.  Any device that has been repaired or replaced under this Limited Product Warranty will be warranted for the remaining duration of the original (defective) product warranty or thirty (30) days from the date of delivery of the repaired or replaced device, whichever duration is longer.  Any Wynd Essential returned to Wynd without a Return Merchandise Authorization will not be accepted and require the original purchaser or renter to pay for return shipping of the device.  If payment for return shipping has not been provided within seven (7) days of the arrival date of the Wynd Essential, it is agreed upon that the original purchaser or renter will forfeit ownership of the Wynd Essential and Wynd may dispose of or repurpose the Wynd Essential as they see fit.


The customer is entitled to cancel their Rental Agreement at any point during the twelve (12) month rental period.  All products must be returned to Wynd in order for the Rental Agreement to be cancelled.  All product returns will require a Return Merchandise Authorization and will be subjected to a thorough inspection before the Rental Agreement is cancelled.  If you wish to initiate the Rental Agreement cancellation, please contact Wynd Customer Support at  You are responsible for returning the Wynd Essential and all shipping costs.  Wynd will conduct an inspection of all returned product(s) for damages or evidence of tampering.  If the inspection shows no evidence of damage or tampering, your Rental Agreement will be cancelled and you will be notified of the cancellation.  Wynd reserves the right to refuse a cancellation if damages or tampering has been found on the returned product(s).  In the case that a cancellation of the Rental Agreement has been refused, you may pay for the product(s) to be re-shipped to your address.  Payment for shipping must be made within seven (7) days of Wynd notifying you of the cancellation refusal.  After those seven (7) days, if no payment has been made, it is agreed upon that you will forfeit ownership of those product(s) and Wynd may dispose of or repurpose those product(s) as they see fit.  If you have been refused a cancellation of Rental Agreement you are still responsible for monthly payments for the Wynd Essential until completion of the twelve (12) month Rental Agreement.  

All product(s) that have been returned by Return Merchandise Authorization will be subjected to a thorough inspection.  The Limited Product Warranty does not cover (1) Damage caused by misuse of the product or negligence, (2) Unauthorized tampering of the device, or (3) Damage caused by external factors including, but not limited to, damages caused by electrical issues or unauthorized servicing of the product. 


The Limited Product Warranty is non-transferable and only available to the original purchaser or renter of the Wynd Essential.  Wynd requires Proof of Purchase to be provided to validate the warranty and issue a Return Merchandise Authorization.


Wynd warrants that their products will work as advertised under normal use.  Wynd will not warrant that their products will meet your requirements or meet your expectations. 


Wynd is not responsible for any property damage or loss, and/or any injury such as from electrical shock.


At any point during the twelve (12) month Rental Agreement the customer may purchase the Wynd Essential outright for MSRP ($144).  Any payments that have already been made during the Rental Agreement will be credited and deducted from the total cost of the Wynd Essential.   Once the Rental Agreement has been completed the customer will automatically be transitioned to the Wynd Medical Grade Filter Subscription


Wynd Medical Grade Filter Subscription Service Terms and Conditions


If you are subscribed to the Wynd Max Purifier Filter Subscription or the Wynd Medical Grade Filter Subscription you are entitled to 1) A dedicated ten (10%) percent discount code, 2) Filter replacement every three (3) months for the Wynd Medical Grade Filter Subscription and 3) An Extended Limited Lifetime Warranty that is valid as long as you have an active subscription service, some restrictions apply.  Subscription Services must be purchased within six (6) months of the purchase date of a device to receive the Extended Warranty. 


The Extended Limited Lifetime Warranty is an extension of the one (1) year Limited Warranty and follow the same Terms and Conditions.  The Extended Limited Lifetime Warranty will only apply to the subscription service’s corresponding product, for example the Max Purifier Filter Subscription will only apply the extended warranty to the Max Purifier.  The Extended Limited Lifetime Warranty will remain active if the customer continues to hold an active subscription service.  Cancellation of a subscription service will also cancel the Extended Limited Lifetime Warranty at the same time.