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The only device that protects your rental property from smoking and loud parties

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What is Sentry?

Sentry provides a complete set of smoking detection capabilities and monitors loud noise to help protect your rental properties.

Stop Smokers Fast

The average smoking damage claim costs $500 per incident. Sentry airID™ technology detects cigarette, marijuana, cigar, and vape smoke with accuracy to prevent unwanted smoking before it causes damage.

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Get Ahead of the Noise Complaint

Monitor noise to prevent damages, and guest complaints using industry-leading SiSonic™ MEMS technology. Only decibel detection, no recording. Receive alerts for sustained noise without violating the privacy of your guests.

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Tamper Protection and Alerts

  • Notification of internet disconnection
  • Notification of power disconnection
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Saving Calculator

Quantify savings associated with cleaning costs and lost revenue due to smoking incidents.

Powerful Reporting to win credit card charge backs

Easily create accurate, evidence-based incident reports for both smoking and noise incidents. Reduce claims settlement time — increase the success rate of credit card chargebacks

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Ensure seamless experience and positive customer reviews

Delayed check-in or remnant odors and dirt from incidences negatively affects future guests. Business reputation is impacted by poor reviews and unhappy guests

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