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Sentry Service Level Agreement

Standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) for WYND Sentry Solutions

Last updated: April 2024


1. Introduction

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a policy governing the use of WYND Sentry Solutions ("Service") between Wynd Technologies, Inc. ("Provider") and the Customer ("Customer"). This SLA outlines the performance metrics that the Provider's Service is expected to meet and the remedies or penalties if the Provider fails to achieve these metrics.

2. Service Availability

2.1 Uptime Commitment

The Provider commits to an uptime of 99.5% ("Uptime Commitment") of available time per month, excluding planned downtime for maintenance and upgrades and from any issues as a result of the customer, which will be communicated in advance.

2.2 Service Downtime

"Downtime" is defined as a period during which the core functions of WYND Sentry Solutions are unavailable. Exclusions to downtime include issues related to external network or equipment, customer's technology environment, or force majeure events.

3. Service Outages

3.1 Number of Outages

The Provider aims to maintain a maximum number of 1 permissible unplanned outages per month. Any outage exceeding this number will be subject to remedies as outlined in Section 5.

3.2 Outage Reporting

Customers must report outages through the designated support channel. The outage duration will be measured from the moment the report is received to the time the service is restored.

4. Maintenance

4.1 Scheduled Maintenance

The Provider will use reasonable efforts to perform scheduled maintenance outside of regular business hours and will provide at least 48 hours notice to the Customer.

4.2 Emergency Maintenance

In the event of emergency maintenance, the Provider will notify the Customer as soon as reasonably possible with an estimated downtime duration.

5. Service Credits

5.1 Credit for Downtime

If the Service does not meet the Uptime Commitment, the Customer will be eligible for a credit of 3% of their monthly service fee for each 0.1% of downtime below the commitment, up to 100% of the monthly service fee.

5.2 Claiming Credits

Customers must claim credits within 30 days of the incident by submitting a request to the Provider's customer service. Credits will be applied to future service fees.

6. Support

6.1 Support Channels

The Provider offers support through email, phone, and live chat, available [24/7].

6.2 Response Times

The Provider commits to a response time of 12 hours for critical issues and 48 hours for non-critical issues.

7. Limitation of Liability

The remedies set forth in this SLA are the Customer's sole and exclusive remedies for any failure of the Service.

8. Amendments

This SLA may be updated or amended from time to time, with 30 days notice to the Customer.

This SLA is effective upon the Customer's acceptance of these terms and conditions and remains in effect until terminated by either party in accordance with the commercial agreement.