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5 Challenges Every Host Should Know During Summer Rentals

Summer is the season for vacations, and as an Airbnb host, you are likely gearing up to welcome an influx of guests to your rental property. While the summer months can be incredibly rewarding for hosts, they also come with unique challenges that need careful consideration. The increased temperature also comes with and increased desire to be more social. A study in 2019 found that half of Americans plan to throw a summer party each year. From potential smoking hazards to noise disturbances, being prepared for these top five summer rental issues is essential. In this article, we'll explore each issue in detail and explain how Sentry's smoke and noise monitoring can be your trusted solution to a worry-free and successful hosting experience.

  1. Recreational Smoking

    With the increased summer traffic, your property will be welcoming in many new faces. Some may be tempted to disregard your smoking policies. This can lead to unpleasant odors, and potential property damage. With the WYND Sentry, hosts can proactively address this issue. The smart smoke monitoring feature detects any recreational smoking (cigarettes, marijuana, and vape) incidents in real-time and promptly notifies the host, enabling them to take immediate action. By leveraging Sentry’s advanced technology, hosts can ensure a smoke-free and pleasant environment for all guests, enhancing their experience and safeguarding the property throughout the summer rental season.

  2. Noise Disturbances from Summer Parties

    Summer is a time for celebration, and guests may be inclined to host parties or gatherings during their stay. While creating memories is part of the fun, noise disturbances can be a concern, especially in shared living spaces or residential neighborhoods. Sentry's noise monitoring feature identifies elevated noise levels and notifies you instantly. This empowers you to address the issue diplomatically and maintain a harmonious relationship with neighbors and other guests.

  3. Air Quality and Indoor Comfort

    Summer heat can affect indoor air quality, especially in areas with high humidity levels or those affected by wildfires. Sentry's live monitoring feature allows users to monitor the air quality levels (PM2.5) in real-time. By being aware of the indoor environment, you can take proactive steps to ensure your guests' comfort and well-being throughout their stay. To maximize your guests comfort during their stay, consider the WYND Max Purifier, which has the power to clean a 1200 square foot space in under 30 minutes.

  4. Evidence for Customer Claims

    Airbnb hosts often worry about having evidence to file claims against guests who cause damage or leave their property in disarray. Fortunately, the WYND Sentry offers a solution with its powerful reporting feature. Through 24/7 monitoring, this smart security system captures real-time data, providing hosts with detailed evidence in case of incidents, whether accidental damages or unauthorized events. With Sentry's reporting capabilities, hosts can confidently resolve disputes and file claims, ensuring property protection and a secure environment that fosters trust and a positive experience for all guests. 

    A Washington-based Airbnb host experienced the true value of WYND Sentry when they submitted a smoking incident report as evidence for an Airbnb claim. Unlike previous instances where Airbnb declined similar requests due to insufficient evidence, the host faced no issues with the Sentry report. As a result, not only was the claim successfully resolved, but the host also earned an upgrade to Superhost status shortly after. This real-life example highlights how Sentry's detailed reports can protect hosts and elevate their hosting experience.

  5. Managing Online Reputation: Reviews

    Maintaining a positive online reputation is vital for Airbnb hosts, and negative reviews mentioning lingering cigarette odors can significantly impact your image. Unpleasant odors from smoking incidents can lead to dissatisfied guests and lower ratings, potentially deterring future bookings. However, with WYND Sentry, hosts can proactively tackle this issue. The smart smoke monitoring feature detects smoking incidents in real-time and alerts hosts, enabling them to address the problem promptly. By ensuring a smoke-free environment with WYND Sentry's advanced technology, hosts can prevent negative reviews related to smoking smells, protect their online reputation, and provide guests with a pleasant and memorable stay.

Hosting guests during the summer season offers a fantastic opportunity to create lasting memories and build a thriving Airbnb business. However, being prepared for potential rental issues is crucial for a successful hosting experience. From smoke hazards to noise disturbances, these top five challenges can be efficiently addressed with the help of WYND Sentry's smart monitoring system.

Sentry's smoke and noise monitoring features allow you to stay vigilant and ensure your guests' safety and comfort during their summer vacation. By proactively identifying and resolving issues, you can foster a positive guest experience, earn stellar reviews, and build a reputation as a responsible and caring host.

Investing in WYND Sentry means investing in the protection and success of your summer rentals. Embrace smart security for your Airbnb and welcome a season of joyful hosting. Learn more about Sentry's benefits at and make this summer one to remember for all the right reasons!

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