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Airbnb House Rules: Tips and Example Templates

As an Airbnb host, crafting well-defined house rules is essential for ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for both you and your guests. Establishing clear guidelines helps set expectations and prevents misunderstandings, creating a positive atmosphere for everyone. In addition, this information can be helpful in ensuring that both hosts and guests are on the same page in regards to expectations surrounding your property. By using these templates as a starting point, you can create a welcoming and respectful environment that ensures your guests have a memorable stay.

Rules Templates: 

  1. Quiet Hours

    “To maintain a peaceful environment for all guests, quiet hours are from [Insert quiet hours start time] to [Insert quiet hours end time]

    Please be considerate of your neighbors during these hours and keep noise levels at a Minimum.”

    Sentry’s Noise Monitoring

    Sentry detects noise levels and alerts users in real-time. Sentry's noise detection feature measures the sound level in decibels (dB) and sends a notification to the user's phone if the noise level exceeds the pre-set threshold. Hosts can adjust the noise threshold level based on their preference or need.

  2. Smoking

    “Our property is strictly non-smoking. Smoking is not allowed inside the house or any enclosed spaces.

    You are welcome to smoke in designated outdoor areas, but please dispose of cigarette waste properly in provided containers.”

    Sentry’s Smoke Detection

    Sentry’s smart smoke monitoring feature detects any recreational smoking (cigarettes, marijuana, cigars, and vape) incidents in real-time and promptly notifies the host, enabling them to take immediate action.

  3. Pets

    “We understand that pets are family, however we cannot accommodate them in our property.

    Please respect this policy to ensure a safe and allergy-free environment for all our guests.”

  4. Max Occupancy
    “The maximum number of guests allowed is [Insert maximum number of guests].

    Hosting additional guests without prior approval is not allowed and may result in additional charges or immediate eviction.”

  5. Parties and events 
    “Our property is meant for residential use only. Hosting parties or events that exceed the maximum occupancy is strictly prohibited.

    If you wish to host a gathering, please inform us in advance to discuss arrangements and any additional fees.”

In addition to setting clear house rules, it’s also important to ensure that your guest has the following helpful information:

  1. Check-in and Check-out Procedure (self-check-in, lockbox, host)

  2. Parking (on-site availability, additional charge)

  3. Amenities (washing machine, dryer, basic toiletries, etc.)

  4. Cancelation Policy (full or partial refund policy)

  5. Safety and Property (Property monitored by Sentry, smoke alarm, private/shared space)

  6. Location (recommend activities, food, and tourist attractions)

Creating a thoughtful set of house rules is an essential aspect of being an Airbnb host. It sets the tone for a positive and enjoyable experience for both you and your guests. Feel free to use the above templates as a starting point and customize it to suit your property's unique needs and your hosting style. By setting clear expectations, you create an atmosphere of respect and trust, ensuring that your guests have a memorable stay and are more likely to leave positive reviews. Happy hosting!

How can Sentry help?

Not only does installing a smoking and noise monitor on your property help you actively mitigate potentially expensive damages, but it also deters unwanted guests from booking your space by mentioning it in your rental listing.

Consider installing and mentioning that Sentry is installed: 

This property is monitored for smoking and loud noise by WYND Sentry.” 

*Listing that your property is monitored by WYND Sentry also helps provide legal security if ever you need to file a claim using the Sentry reporting.

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