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CES, COVID, and How You Can Prepare

By the end of this article, you’ll be familiar with the new safety procedures and requirements for CES 2022 and how you can minimize your chances of getting infected.

After the all-virtual event last year, we’re sure many of you are eager to fly out to Vegas this year and see the latest and greatest in tech at CES 2022. However, with visitors from around the world mingling in conference halls, meeting rooms and, let’s face it, casino tables, this is just as much an opportunity for germs to mingle as it is for you. To keep you in tip top shape throughout the event, we’ve made this handy list of tips to stay healthy.

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Get Vaccinated!

This year, proof of full COVID-19 vaccination with an approved vaccine from the FDA or WHO will be required to pick up your CES 2022 badge. For added convenience, you can enroll and download 3rd party proof of vaccination applications like CLEAR’s Health Pass.

A flu shot would also be a good idea. While it looks mundane compared to pandemic-inducing COVID, it’s a dangerous illness that will put you out of commission for days even in the best-case-scenario. 

Keep it Sanitary

All the germ-o-phobes that obsessively used hand sanitizer and refused to shake hands prior to the pandemic have added millions to their ranks since the start of the pandemic. To help everyone stay germ-free, CES has placed hand-sanitizing stations throughout the venue. We recommend you also bring some portable hand sanitizer to use throughout the day and when on public transit.

Hand Sanitizer

While past conferences were marked by thousands of handshakes and business card exchanges, this year will be a bit different. Expect more elbow bumps and socially distant waves. As an extra precaution, you can use digital business cards to exchange contact info with the tap of your phone. As a bonus, you’ll never have to worry about losing or running out of digital business cards!

Staying socially distant at a networking event with thousands of other professionals may seem like a big ask, but CES has made accommodations to help keep everyone safe including widening the aisles between booths and enforcing one-way traffic. Social distancing will be encouraged throughout the conference, so be sure to keep 6 feet (2 arm-lengths) distance between you and other attendees. 

Most importantly, don’t forget to wear your mask! CES will be enforcing a masking policy so, while you may want to show off your brilliant smile, safety will take priority. If you misplace your mask, drop by Wynd’s booth at CES to pick up a free KN95 mask! If you want to go above and beyond to protect yourself, consider taking along a portable air purifier to keep the air clean in your hotel room, meeting rooms and in the general space around you when checking out exhibits.

Take Care of Yourself

It may be tempting to spend the night at parties and the roulette table, but don’t forget to get your 8 hours of sleep. Spending all day on your feet and networking will take a toll on your body so you should give it a chance to recover. In fact, a new study found that each extra hour of sleep is associated with 12% lower odds of COVID-19 infection. A similar study led by UCSF Medical School found that getting your 8 hours can reduce the odds of catching the common cold by 38% as well. While sleeping during such an exciting week may seem like a waste of time, just remember that, while you sleep, you body is hard at work repairing itself so you can be prepared for the next day.

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Despite the over-the-top water attractions, Vegas is indeed in the middle of a desert. That means desert climate and desert air…dry, dry desert air. Dehydration can leave you fatigued and more susceptible to infections, so it’s important to prepare. Drink water regularly (8 glasses a day) and bring a humidifier for your hotel room if possible so your lungs stay in tip top shape. 

You’re now all set to visit the largest consumer electronics conference in the world! We look forward to the show, and hope you’ll visit us at booth 52762!

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