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Detect Smoke & Monitor Noise Levels with WYND Sentry

In an age when the real estate market is expanding, the need to incorporate technology into property management is greater than ever. From hotels and short-term rentals to single-family homes and apartment communities, owners and managers across the United States are looking for ways to leverage technology to preserve and increase the value of their properties. WYND Sentry is a key part of that playbook, as the world's first non-intrusive device that protects your rental property by reliably detecting cigarette, cigar, vape, marijuana smoke, and excessive noise.

WYND Sentry - The only device that detects loud noise and smoking to protect your property

Top Reasons to Consider WYND Sentry

The supply of multifamily units and other rentals like Airbnb and VRBO continues to grow. According to CoStar, an estimated 400,000 new apartment units will enter the market in 2023. For those who manage properties, the numerous ways that renters can cause damage to real estate and disturbance to nearby communities are all too familiar. Among the top concerns of owners and neighbors are smoking and noise pollution. If the reasons below apply to you, Sentry may be the right device for your property:

  • You are a property manager, hotel operator, Airbnb Superhost, or VRBO owner
  • You regularly receive noise complaints from neighboring residents
  • You want a way to detect smoke for short term rental to prevent damages
  • You want to add special features like “smoke-free” to your rental property listing
  • You wish to have access to real-time air quality and noise level data at your property
  • You want to be a proactive steward of your real estate asset
  • You need evidence to support claims when incidents take place

Image of WYND Sentry in Airbnb home

With WYND Sentry, you are able to detect when something is going wrong at your property instantly. Whether it is monitoring noise or detecting smoke, Sentry provides you with real-time tracking of potential violations of your rental policies. Through WYND’s mobile app, you can generate incident reports to help support claims and proactively alert renters with texts, calls, and messages.

How Much Does WYND Sentry Cost?

The Sentry device is free with the purchase of a subscription plan. Buyers have multiple options depending on their needs. At the moment, the Annual Plan is a one-time cost of $180 per year for each device ($15 per month). The Monthly Plan is $19 per month for each device. This purchase comes with access to WYND’s Free Concierge Support Team and a 30-Day Risk-Free Trial. 

Image of WYND Sentry with phone app screen

Each Sentry device is tamper-proof and covers an area of approximately 400 square feet. These devices will integrate with WYND’s mobile app to display decibel levels and particulate matter nearby. Access to Sentry’s proprietary airID™ technology will help detect cigarette, marijuana, cigar, and vape smoke with over 99% accuracy. 

For larger properties, multiple devices can be dedicated to various space types such as bedrooms, living rooms, and common areas. If you are in need of nine or more devices, reach out to the WYND Sales Team for more information on enterprise options.

How Does Sentry Compare to Minut and NoiseAware?

The benefits of WYND Sentry are enormous relative to other devices in the market. Not only is the device affordable, but it also provides a full-suite of services to users.

While NoiseAware offers similar noise monitoring products for short-term rental owners, the device lacks air quality monitoring features. Similarly, the Minut sensor is unable to provide a comprehensive solution to owners, it detects noise disturbances and only recently introduced cigarette (only) detection. With Sentry, you get the benefit of noise monitoring in addition to technology that detects cigarettes, marijuana, and vape smoke, all at a competitive price. 

How Does Sentry compare to Minut and NoiseAware

Making an investment in this superior technology will surely save you down the line and give you peace of mind that your property is safe. Persistent smoke damage will cut into your income. According to the University of Illinois - Chicago, the average smoking damage claim costs about $1,600. Furthermore, persistent noise complaints can lead to your Airbnb or VRBO being taken off the market. For owners with ongoing monthly expenses, a sudden shutdown of monthly rent can lead to dramatic losses.

Your Guest’s Privacy Matters

WYND Sentry is the most innovative device to monitor noise levels and detect smoke. If you are trying to protect your property, hotel, or short-term rental, there is no better way to remotely detect smoking and noise pollution on your premises. 

WYND Sentry Noise Detection App

Beyond these important features, Sentry protects the privacy of your residents and their guests. The device does not record or listen to conversations but instead gives owners noise-level data to detect unusual disturbances. In addition, the mere presence of a Sentry device will act as a deterrent. When guests are informed of your device’s capabilities, it will surely make them think twice before engaging in unwanted behavior. If they consider interfering with these monitoring capabilities, they will quickly learn that Sentry is tamper-proof and capable of operating for 48+ hours after power disconnection.

Easiest Way to Monitor Noise Levels and Detect Smoke

WYND Sentry is the most innovative device for monitoring detecting noise levels and detecting smoke. If you are trying to protect your property, hotel, or short-term rental, there is no better way to remotely detect monitor smoke and noise pollution on your premises. 

WYND Sentry Smoking Detection Device

Sentry gives you real-time data and evidence as to what is taking place at your property. For more information on Sentry, reach out to the WYND Team or visit our Kickstarter campaign here (WYND Sentry - Complete Property Risk Monitoring).

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