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Give Moms a Breather This Mother's Day: 2 Free Filters on Orders $129 or More

The Wynd Plus air purifier doesn’t force you to choose between what’s easy and what works. Wynd believes that all moms deserve peace of mind. That's why, from now until Mother's Day on Sunday, May 12th, we are offering 2 free medical grade filters on orders of $129 or more. 

Motherhood is a balancing act. How can you take care of both yourself and your family? How do you balance putting time into finding the best products for your loved ones with everything else that is already on your plate?

We started Wynd in 2014 to improve air quality for our loved ones, and the idea of protecting those close to us has always been at the forefront of what we do. Five years later, our network of care has expanded around this core goal, and many of our consumers have supported us because they share this priority.

We’ve found that what moms really appreciate about our products is that they don’t force you to choose between what’s easy and what works. That’s why this Mother’s Day, we want to honor and celebrate the moms that we know deserve a helping hand when it comes to protecting their families.

Moms Deserve A Breather

The Wynd Plus is an air quality sensor and purifier in one that’s as easy to transport as a water bottle. It’s both convenient to use and effective at what it does— making it the perfect product for moms that don’t want to compromise on either of those things for their families.

Moms have told us about so many different ways they’ve used their Wynd Plus purifier, like:

  • Being able to rest easy after setting it up next to their child’s bed, knowing that they are getting the best air while they sleep
  • Hooking it up to one of their Baby Stroller Holders while they’re out running errands so that their precious baby is protected outside of the house
  • Putting it in their car’s cup holder to purify their car cabin while driving their kids to practices, rehearsals, and school
  • Placing it in the living room while winding down with their family at the end of the day
  • Setting it up next to them while curling up with a good book after the kids are asleep

The Wynd Plus is a reliable device that will do its thing no matter how busy you are. These moms loved that they could focus their time and energy on being present with all the other parts of motherhood, knowing that their air was being taken care of.

Wynd believes that all moms deserve this peace of mind. That's why, from now until Mother's Day on Sunday, May 12th, we are offering 2 free medical grade filters on orders of $129 or more. Just enter the code MOTHERSDAY_19 at checkout.

This year, give yourself and the moms in your life a break and invest in an air purifier and tracker that can help you take a deep breath anywhere, anytime. Your family deserves the best air quality— and so do you!

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us here at Wynd.

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