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How to Deal with a Smoking Damage Claim and AirCover

As an Airbnb host, protecting your property and ensuring a positive guest experience is crucial. AirCover for Hosts offers comprehensive insurance protection, including guest identity verification, reservation screening, and liability coverage. In the past, AirCover did not cover damage caused by smoking, making it incredibly challenging for hosts to get reimbursed for the associated high cleaning costs. Fortunately, recent updates have expanded AirCover's coverage to support smoking damage claims, however, the process is not so easy. Hosts still need to provide concrete proof that smoking has taken place on the property (ie. photo evidence of cigarette buds, etc). In this article, we will delve into the benefits of AirCover, the challenges hosts face with smoking damage claims, and how a smoking detection device such as WYND Sentry can enhance your Airbnb hosting experience.

Image of WYND Sentry, noise and smoking monitor for short-term rental owners

The Benefits of AirCover for Hosts

AirCover for Hosts is an all-in-one insurance protection policy offered by Airbnb. It includes a range of essential coverages that safeguard hosts and their properties:

  1. Guest Identity Verification: With this feature, Airbnb verifies the identity of guests, providing hosts with an added layer of security.
  2. Reservation Screening: AirCover helps filter out high-risk reservations by analyzing factors such as guest behavior and previous reviews, reducing the likelihood of incidents.
  3. $3M USD Host Damage Protection: This coverage protects hosts against property damage caused by guests, offering financial security for repair or replacement costs.
  4. $1M USD Host Liability Insurance: In the event of a guest injury or property damage claim, hosts are covered by liability insurance, minimizing potential financial burdens.
  5. $1M USD Experiences Liability Insurance: If you offer Airbnb Experiences, this insurance coverage protects you against liability claims arising from those activities.
  6. 24-Hour Safety Line: AirCover provides a dedicated 24/7 support line for hosts to address any urgent safety concerns or emergencies.

Smoking Damage Claims: Challenges Faced by Hosts

While AirCover has been a valuable resource for hosts, smoking damage claims have posed challenges in the past. Historically, smoking-related damage, including that caused by cigarettes or marijuana, was not covered by AirCover. This left hosts responsible for the expenses associated with cleaning and repairs.

Image of person filing claim with insurance company

Even with the recent addition of smoking damage coverage, getting a claim approved can still be difficult. Hosts must provide proof, such as photo evidence of smoking taking place, which can be hard to obtain. This requirement often leads to prolonged negotiations between hosts and Airbnb, as the platform attempts to get guests to cover the cleaning bills. Unfortunately, these negotiations don't always work out in favor of the host.

Introducing WYND Sentry: Enhancing Claims Process and Evidence

To address the challenges of smoking damage claims, hosts can rely on WYND Sentry, the most comprehensive solution for smoking and loud noise detection in short-term rentals. WYND Sentry offers advanced technology that can detect smoking and loud noises within the property, providing hosts with invaluable evidence to support their reimbursement claims.

Image of WYND Sentry smoking and loud noise detection monitor for short-term rental hosts

By integrating WYND Sentry into your Airbnb property, you gain the following benefits:

  1. Concrete Evidence: The WYND Sentry app sends hosts real-time alerts and reports when smoking or excessive noise is detected, offering solid proof of the violation.
  2. Simplified Claims Process: The reporting provided by WYND Sentry can be used as conclusive evidence, streamlining the claims process and improving the chances of receiving reimbursement for cleaning and repairs.
  3. Deterrent Effect: WYND Sentry's presence acts as a deterrent, discouraging guests from engaging in prohibited activities such as smoking or creating excessive noise.

Tips for Properly Cleaning Smoke Smell Out of a House

In addition to using WYND Sentry as a preventive measure, it's essential to know how to effectively clean smoke smell out of your Airbnb property. Follow these tips to ensure a fresh and inviting atmosphere for your guests:

  1. Ventilation: Open windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulate throughout the property. Use fans or air purifiers to expedite the process.
  2. Deep Cleaning: Thoroughly clean all surfaces, including walls, ceilings, furniture, and carpets. Consider using specialized smoke odor removers or professional cleaning services.
  3. Fabric Refreshing: Launder all washable fabrics, such as bedding, curtains, and rugs, using odor-eliminating detergents. For non-washable items, use fabric sprays designed to neutralize smoke odors.
  4. Air Purification: Utilize air purifiers or ozone generators to help eliminate lingering smoke particles from the air.
  5. Painting: In severe cases, consider repainting walls and ceilings with odor-blocking paint to seal in any remaining smoke odor.

Image of deep cleaning or sanitizing a space clear from cigarette smoke

AirCover for Hosts provides invaluable insurance protection for Airbnb hosts, but historically, smoking damage claims have been challenging to navigate. However, with the recent addition of smoking damage coverage and the implementation of WYND Sentry, hosts can enhance their ability to get reimbursement claims approved. By utilizing WYND Sentry's comprehensive smoking and noise detection system, hosts can provide concrete evidence, simplify the claims process, and deter guests from engaging in prohibited activities. Combined with proper cleaning techniques, hosts can ensure a pleasant and worry-free experience for themselves and their guests, elevating their Airbnb hosting endeavors to new heights.

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