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New year, new you: 10 products to help you live well in 2020

It's resolution season! This January not only marks the beginning of a new year, but a new decade as well. In light of this occasion, we'd like to make an extra special resolution: to make sure we give you the information you'll need to be healthy and fulfilled in 2020 and beyond. To start, we'd like to lend a hand with your own personal resolutions by providing you with the best tools on the market to ensure success!

Live healthier - Wynd Halo & Home Purifier

A new year means a clean slate. With the average adult inhaling 11,000 liters of air per day, to be at your best, you’ll need a clean slate for your air as well. Working together, the Halo and Home Purifier can identify airborne particulates, like pollen and smoke, and quickly remove them from the air. Pollution, allergens, and toxic chemicals not only pose a risk to your health, but can also affect your mood and productivity. By removing these substances from the air, 2020 is sure to be a breath of fresh air!

Exercise more - Mirror

One of the hardest parts of getting in shape is simply showing up to the gym. You have to drive there, find parking, check-in, wait for machines, and shower in a smelly locker room. Well, Mirror eliminates all those obstacles by bringing the gym into your home. Appearing as a sleek…mirror, the embedded screen magically displays your virtual instructor who can walk you through exercises ranging from yoga to boxing. With an elegant design and easy-to-use interface, Mirror is perfect for those looking for an excuse-free way of getting into shape.

Learn a new skill - Skillshare

Ever wanted to learn photography? How about illustration? Want to take your productivity to the next level? Skillshare makes learning a new skill easier than ever by bringing experts from diverse fields onto a single platform. Instead of learning from an academic who’s been out of the industry for 10 years, learn from real experts – the rock stars who are actively leading their fields. Whether you want to learn a new skill to change careers, master your side-hustle, or simply pursue life-long learning, Skillshare is the perfect place to find the know-how you seek.

Save money - Wealthfront

Wealthfront is designed to help you reach your financial goals. They offer 1.82% APY on cash accounts and only charge 0.25% in advisory fees on investment accounts – compare that to the industry average of 0.1% APY and 1.02% in advisory fees. This is possible through Wealthfront’s efforts to automate the investment process as much as possible. You tell its algorithm about yourself and your goals, and it tells you how much to invest in each account. With Wealthfront handling your finances, all you have to do is sit back and watch your money grow.

Go outdoors more - Larq

Whether you plan on doing more hiking, running, or walking in 2020, you’ll need to stay hydrated. Unfortunately, most reusable water bottles on the market aren’t dishwasher friendly, meaning you have the buy a special brush to hand-scrub the bottle’s interior. That’s not the case with this pick. The Larq self-cleaning water bottle makes the perfect exercise companion. Using a built-in UV-C light, Larq bottles kill 99.9999% of bacteria. In addition to being extremely useful, Larq bottles are elegantly designed as well, so it looks just as good at your desk as it does in your hiking bag.

Sleep better - Coop 

There’s a good reason you spend a third of your life with your eyes closed – sleep can affect how well you learn, your mood, cardiovascular health, and mental health. Yet, despite its merits, sleep seems to be one of the few skills you actually get worse at the more years you’ve been doing it. Part of the reason is that few of us properly equip ourselves to take full advantage of our rest time. A pro-level sleep tool, Coop pillows are designed to leave you snoozing like a baby. Made with shredded memory foam, it’s fully adjustable so you can make it as flat or fluffy as you want.

Break your internet addiction - Cold Turkey

Do you find yourself endlessly scrolling Instagram at work, playing Fortnite well past your bedtime, or binging Netflix when you should go out for a jog? Well, we’ve found the perfect tool to go cold turkey on your internet addiction: Cold Turkey. This productivity tool helps your better-self keep your less-perfect self in line by blocking distracting websites, games, and applications. Simply select your sources of distraction and set the times you want them blocked. Fight back against addictive media sites *cough* *cough* Facebook…by using Cold Turkey.

Travel more - Away 

Unlike the dusty old trunk sitting in your closet, this is a bag that just begs to be used. So, what better way to inspire yourself to take a much-deserved vacation. Away’s eye-catching suitcases are sure to make you stand out in an otherwise drab airport, and it’s built-in phone charger will make sure you don’t run out of power just as you start to board the plane for your 7-hour flight. Designed to make travel both easy and elegant, Away luggage is the perfect travel partner for your next exotic trip.

Read more - Audible

Everyone always means to read more: that biography your friend won’t stop raving about, the novel your favorite movie was based on…that classic you were supposed to read for your senior year English class, but still haven’t even opened. The problem is that reading requires your whole attention, and books can be bulky, making them less-than-ideal if you're busy. With Audible’s audiobooks, you can enjoy your favorite novels anywhere, anytime. They’re perfect to listen to during long commutes or while doing household chores, turning tedious moments into opportunities to become more well read.

We hope you find these tools useful and that they help you make the most of 2020. If you liked this article, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and check out our other pieces below. As a New Year's gift to you, we're offering $20 off Wynd devices until January 5th, so hurry before time runs out! Thanks for reading, and happy 2020!

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