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Why Property Managers Should Monitor Loud Noise and Indoor Smoking

People want to work and live in nice buildings that offer a quiet background for them to enjoy. Unfortunately, as a property manager with lots of tenants or guests, it can be difficult to maintain this ideal environment. Monitoring loud noises and indoor air quality can be the difference between you keeping or losing tenants and guests. 

In a residential building, for example, you are liable for all sorts of unwanted noise or indoor smoking. The reality is it is hard to monitor the behavior of hundreds of tenants and ensure that properties are maintained in a way that is consistent with expectations. At multifamily properties, in particular, nearby neighbors may cause disruption with loud music, noisy televisions, or home exercise equipment. Some tenants or their guests may smoke cigarettes, electronic vapes, or cannabis causing common areas to develop unwanted smells.

Image of man smoking indoors

Hotels, especially, can present issues as guests may not treat your property as their own. This means they may engage in noise-making, smoking, or other property-damaging behavior they would never normally do inside of their own homes. Unfortunately, all of these issues impact your ability to perform your job as a property manager for a large residential or hospitality building. 

How Does Loud Noise and Smoking Affect Your Property?

Simply put, it can cause you all sorts of headaches as a property manager. Residents will complain that their experience is negatively impacted by the actions of neighboring tenants or guests. Residents will be especially aggrieved, as they are paying money to occupy space that is intended to be peaceful and private. A tenant or guest will find fault in almost anything, and they will turn to you to solve it. Some examples of what a paying guest or tenant will take to you as the property manager include:

  • Noisy neighbors with high-volume televisions, loud footsteps or voices, instruments, or exercise equipment
  • Smoking neighbors, which leads to unwanted smells in common areas or inside units
  • Loud restaurants, bars, or commercial spaces near your building

Image of angry woman on the phone with a complaint

Regardless of whether it is noise or smoke, tenants often have ample opportunities to contact their property manager with complaints. For property managers, the even more difficult task lies in dealing with the person or business causing the issue. They could be agitated that somebody complained about their behavior and may even deny that it was their fault.

Responsible parties may even tell you that they have paid to be there, and say it is their prerogative to engage in unwanted noise or smoking behavior in their home, regardless of what rules and agreements are in place. Without evidence or proof to show them, they have the potential to make your life more difficult as a property manager.

How Sentry Helps You Monitor Noise and Smoking

The best way to deal with these situations is to prevent them. If you can detect unwanted noise or smoke in your building before tenants do, it will make the problem-solving process more efficient and effective. Fortunately, there are commercial devices you can install in your building that give you easy, real-time access to noise and smoke monitoring. 

Image of WYND Sentry on the wall with man smoking in the background

WYND Sentry is the only device on the market that will protect your building from unwanted smoking and loud noise. The device is non-intrusive, easy to install, and easy to use through WYND’s smartphone app. Further, the Sentry is tamper-proof, so tenants will not be able to disturb the device or stop its functionality, as is sometimes common with smoke detectors. 

Sentry can detect cigarette, marijuana, and vape smoke, so it will be effective with all different types of guests and tenants. Its party and noise detection is the best that you will find on the market. Most importantly, it can process incident reports, so your claim as a property manager will always be backed by tangible evidence. 

The device will alert you instantly to smoke detection or unwanted noise. Not only does this allow you to quickly deal with the incident, but protects the value of the building by eliminating the cost of dealing with smoke damage.

Image of party with Sentry app notification of noise complaint

WYND Sentry will notify you if it is ever disconnected from power or Internet. This allows you as a property manager to make a timely fix. Further, if disconnected from power in the event of a mass power outage or natural disaster, Sentry has a back-up battery equipped for at least 48 hours of use. 

The Best Technology for Monitoring Noise and Smoking

Whether you are a hired property manager, AirBnb or VRBO owner, an owner-managed rental owner, or a hospitality operator, WYND Sentry offers you a game-changing solution for detecting noise and air pollution. 

You will be able to detect marijuana smoke or cigarette smoke before the stench makes its way to other rooms and shared spaces on your property. You will now be able to address parties or unwanted noise in your building before you get a complaint from a neighbor. You will be able to monitor what’s happening on your premises from your smartphone in real-time. Most importantly, it gives you evidence backed by noise and smoke detection for any sort of claims process and to show that the offending party is at fault. 

Image of WYND Sentry with phone app screen

For more information on Sentry visit our Kickstarter campaign here (WYND Sentry - Complete Property Risk Monitoring) or contact our expert team here to learn more about how your building could benefit from the addition of Sentry devices. 

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