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Case Study: Enabling Smoke-Free and Harmonious Assisted Living Community through WYND Sentry

Shared living spaces are by law smoke free, and can be contaminated by smokers, creating an unhealthy environment for other tenants. In addition to health concerns, property damage expenses can add up quickly when preparing a smoke damaged unit for the next tenant. The WYND Sentry is able to detect smoking and notify you so that you can take swift and appropriate actions. 

Experience peace of mind and ensure that your property remains welcoming and healthy for all. To showcase the effectiveness of WYND Sentry, we'll delve into the feedback received from a customer who installed Sentry devices in an affordable assisted living facility.

Our findings highlight that it's not only about taking swift action, but also encompassing deterrence, immediate response, and the ability to collect evidence for legal enforcement

The Who: Affordable Assisted Living Facility

The property manager for a senior housing building which has gone smoke free five years ago. Though most residents do not smoke, there have been numerous incidents where residents have come forward to complain about the smell of smoke emanating from other units and seeping into their rooms, hallways, and common areas. Smokers were exposing other tenants to second hand smoke while deterring the use and enjoyment of the common areas. As the tenants are all seniors and many have healthy issues, recreational smoking was of major concern to property management.


The Issue: Lack of Evidence

The lack of evidence made this problem incredibly hard to combat. Many residents would complain with only a few tenants known to ignore this building policy. When any building staff would attempt to address this issue with these rule-breakers, they would simply ignore the knocks on the door.

In addition to the health concerns, the financial costs of smoke damage was not something that could be ignored. When smokers would leave their units, the costs to prepare the living space for the next tenants would double compared to non-smokers leaving. Even if there were only a handful of smokers, these costs would add up. 

The building policy was to evict any tenants found to be in violation of the smoke free policy. However, as previously mentioned, the ability for her team to provide the evidence to evict was not possible. It was difficult to even speak to offending tenants on the matter. 

The Solution: WYND Sentry

Sentry device next to mobile phone with alert of smoking incident

Property management stumbled upon an advertisement for the WYND Sentry. The ad piqued her interest enough for her to do additional research on our website. Sentry’s ability to receive instant reports on smoking incidents with detailed reports to access after the fact would be instrumental in their ability to take action against rule breakers. 

WYND Sentry Dashboard displaying a smoking incident

WIth this knowledge, property management knew that the solution was the perfect her problem. The only task left was to evaluate the return on investment of pursuing a large system of WYND Sentry units. From past experience, the cost to repair units for future tenants after smoke damage was twice as much as non-smoking units. Thus, a large system would greatly reduce the need to invest in repairs. Property management went on to suggest the Sentry to their regional manager.

The Results: Peace of Mind


Now that the WYND Sentry is live in their property, property management can rest assured that the health of tenants is taken care of. The evidence based reports that can be found on the Sentry dashboard provides in depth insight into any potential incidents and can be used in any legal proceedings. A Sentry solution (device + software cloud) has been placed in each unit and common room to maximize coverage of the property. 

Complaints about smoking were eliminated, and after sending a community-wide letter about Sentry solutions installed in every unit to alert for rule-breakers, smoking incidents significantly decreased. Any continuing offenders can now be legally enforced on if needed. 

WYND Sentry for Hotel

The most accurate system for recreational smoking, noise control, and more, ensuring heightened satisfaction and driving additional revenue for every stay.

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