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WYND Sentry Feature Release: SmokeSignal Verified Reports

Smoking brings numerous challenges for businesses, from property damage and increased cleaning costs to negative guest experiences and a damaged reputation.

Smoking brings numerous challenges for businesses, from property damage and increased cleaning costs to negative guest experiences and a damaged reputation. Enter WYND Sentry - the ultimate solution for hotels and property managers. With its innovative technology and comprehensive monitoring systems, WYND Sentry is different from traditional smoke detectors as it specifically detects cigarette smoke and other types of recreational smoke such as marijuana and vape. 

Hoteliers and property managers often encounter difficulties when it comes to providing evidence for smoking incidents, especially when facing chargebacks. Traditional methods of documentation can be unreliable or difficult to obtain, leaving your property at a costly disadvantage in chargeback disputes with credit card companies and insurance providers. However, with WYND Sentry, hotels and property managers can overcome these challenges and unlock additional revenue streams while safeguarding their property and ensuring success in chargeback disputes.

Introducing Sentry's newest feature: SmokeSignal Verified Reports. 

Designed to address this very challenge, these reports offer comprehensive evidence, including smoking incident details captured by Sentry's monitoring system. What sets these reports apart is their inclusion of scientific evidence, verified by WYND's advanced airID technology. With Sentry, hoteliers and property managers can now confidently navigate smoking-related disputes, armed with irrefutable evidence to protect their interests and revenue. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to peace of mind with Sentry's SmokeSignal Verified Reports.

Along with details from the specified smoking incident, WYND Sentry’s SmokeSignal Verified Reports incorporates scientific data obtained from our verified experimental evaluations. This comprehensive approach ensures that the report serves as verified evidence, providing a thorough analysis of the incident backed by rigorous testing and experimentation.

How to Access SmokeSignal Verified Reports:

Simply navigate to the incident view on the web app and click the "download report" button at the top of the page to access a detailed PDF report for the specific incident.

Sentry's SmokeSignal Verified Reports redefine dispute resolution, serving as a trusted ally in navigating challenges and driving revenue growth. WYND Sentry helps you approach disputes with confidence, armed with solid evidence to support their claims.

In addition to revolutionizing how to handle chargeback disputes, Sentry plays a pivotal role in revenue enhancement and property protection by enforcing smoking policy fines and issuing instant alerts to prevent property damage. With the potential for additional revenue from smoke-free policy fees ranging from $2,500 to $5,000 USD per room annually, WYND Sentry not only detects smoking incidents in real-time but also provides concrete evidence, simplifying dispute resolutions and shielding businesses from financial losses. Say goodbye to smoking-related headaches and hello to peace of mind with Wynd Sentry.

For more information on WYND Sentry and how it can benefit your hotel, visit WYND Sentry - Hotel or connect with our team to Book a Demo.

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