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WYND Sentry Feature Release: Multi-User Management

With the rapid expansion of the hospitality industry, the need for efficient property management tools has become paramount. Monitoring guest behavior, particularly concerning issues like smoking and excessive noise, is crucial for maintaining a pleasant environment for all guests and ensuring compliance with regulations. It's essential to equip property staff with the necessary tools to streamline operations, ensuring they can proactively address these challenges. This not only enhances overall guest satisfaction but also strengthens the property's reputation and compliance efforts.

WYND Sentry's newest feature, Multi-User Management, addresses this need head-on by providing hotel and property management staff with a streamlined solution for overseeing their properties. By simplifying the process of monitoring and managing multiple properties, Sentry empowers staff to efficiently address issues related to smoking and noise disturbances, ultimately enhancing the overall guest experience and operational efficiency. With Multi-User Management, Sentry continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of enterprise clients in the hospitality sector.

Note: This feature is limited  to enterprise customers and solely accessible via the web app.

What is Multi-User Management?

Multi-User Management is a powerful addition to Sentry's suite of tools, designed specifically for our enterprise clients. This feature enables Sentry enterprise customers to streamline their operations by adding multiple users to their accounts and assigning them specific roles and access privileges across one or more properties.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Flexible User Invitation: With Multi-User Management, account owners can invite other users to manage either specific properties or all properties within their Sentry account.
  2. Customized Access: Users can be assigned to manage particular properties, ensuring that responsibilities are distributed efficiently. 
  3. Seamless Onboarding: Invited users receive email notifications, guiding them through the process of creating a Sentry account if they don't already have one. Existing Sentry users simply see the newly assigned properties added to their accounts.
  4. Effortless Management: Account owners retain full control and can remove property managers at any time, automatically removing the associated properties from their accounts.
  5. Enhanced Security: Property managers cannot delete properties they are assigned to, providing an additional layer of protection for property data.

How to add multiple users to your Sentry account:

Simply navigate to Settings from the navigation on the web app and click the "User Management" tab. Select the “Add Property Manager” button.

Fill out the form to add a new property manager to the account. Select all the properties that you would like this new user to have access to.

You have successfully added or invited a new property manager to your account. Users with an existing Sentry account will not need to create a new account. They will simply see the property they have been invited to manage, as a new property in their account.

Invited users (users without an existing Sentry account) will get an email notifying them that they have been added to a property in a Sentry account. The invited user will need to create a Sentry account (using the email to which the invite was sent) before they can access the property. You will see a yellow label that states “not confirmed” next to this user when you initially invite them to the property. This label will disappear once the user signs up for a Sentry account.

If you need to update the access settings for this user, simply navigate to the User Management tab, then select the three-dot icon next to the specific user. Select “Edit Settings” and update as needed.

Why Sentry?

Sentry plays a pivotal role in maintaining a smoke-free environment and preventing smoking incidents in hotels and multi-family housing units. WYND Sentry stands out as the only device capable of detecting recreational smoking, including cigarette, marijuana, and vape smoke, while also monitoring noise levels. 

Beyond safeguarding your property and equipping your staff with the right tools, implementing Sentry offers numerous benefits for hotels and multi-family units. These include additional revenue streams through smoking policy fees, decrease in guest and tenant complaints regarding smoking disturbances, prevention of property damage, and enhanced operational efficiency. 

With instant alerts and comprehensive documentation of smoking and noise incidents, Sentry empowers staff to swiftly intervene, enforce smoking policies, and successfully defend against disputed charges with detailed reports and evidence. This proactive approach not only deters smoking violations but also ensures guest comfort, minimizes operational hurdles, and fortifies the property's reputation.

For more information on WYND Sentry and how it can benefit your propert, visit WYND Sentry - Hotel / WYND Sentry - Multi-Family or connect with our team to Book a Demo.

WYND Sentry for Hotel

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